Supreme Finance with their unique place in the UK and European lending market is providing high net worth individuals and sophisticated investors an opportunity to maximize return on their capital during these times of historic low returns.

Typically this would be done via the provision of a first charge secured bridging loan returning upwards of 12% per annum and in some cases 25% per annum on the higher risk deal. The investor has also the opportunity to take part in any Joint Ventures and Equity Stakes that are presented to Supreme Finance and our Lending Partners on a day to day basis.

How it works

Bridging finance is a very flexible form of short term funding and compared with conventional forms of finance it is very quick to organise for both the borrower and investor. Vigorous measures are adopted to carry out checks and searches by both Supreme Finance and it’s lawyers before funds are released.


Supreme Finance Loans have plenty of safeguards in place to make lenders’ money available only to worthy borrowers. Our lenders will not be affected by any bad debt as Supreme Finance will continue to pay the due interest until redemption of the loan.

Legal charge

The money you lend at Supreme Finance is secured by a first legal charge on the borrower’s asset(s). The charge can be secured on all types of property i.e a residential investment, commercial property, land/ development sites with planning or agricultural land.

Interest rates

Supreme Finance guarantee rates from 1% per month or 12% per annum to its investors.
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