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Residential Portfolio

City Tower

Supreme finance were contacted by a foreign property investor who had an opportunity to purchase eleven flats in the prestigious canary wharf area of London.  The total value of the properties was £5.2million pounds. Supreme Finance arranged substantial bridging to ensure that the client was able to purchase the properties within the given time-scale even though he approached us after a notice to complete was issued.



Mr H is a well known and respected businessman who approached supreme finance because he wished to purchase an office tower blocks in Bradford with a view to converting it into 122 luxury apartments. The market value was estimated to be £2,300,000 and supreme finance were able to provide the client with bridging finance to enable him to secure the deal.  Planning was granted by the local authority and the site is now estimated to be worth in the region of £5million.

Commercial Property: Nottingham


Supreme Finance UK were approached by a client who was looking to raise finance for a team of Doctors who headed up a company which successfully owned and operated several Residential Nursing Homes throughout the UK, they were in the process of buying another Nursing Home and needed to raise funds quickly to help with them with the purchase which was valued at £2million.  Based upon this valuation Supreme Finance UK funded them £937,500 thus enabling them to secure this very good deal.  The clients had an exit planned and were able to re-pay the loan within one month.

Foreign Property

Bridging in Spain

Our client needed to raise finance for his business in Spain on the security of his second holiday home in Majorca. Supreme Finance provided 500,000 Euros on the property in Majorca over a period of 6 months to enable the client to expand his business using these funds. The loan was repaid within 4 months.

Commercial Property


Supreme Finance UK were approached by two businessmen who owned an 80,000 sq ft warehouse in very close proximity to London Airport.  They were looking for funding of around £4million pounds to transform this space into a bonded warehouse. Because of the urgency of this deal we quickly and efficiently authorized a full valuation to be carried out by our panel valuers, and we were then in a position  to be able to put together a deal which was quite tricky to formulate as the main director was based out of the UK.  They were very pleased when they received their £4million on a six months facility.

Bold Street, Altrincham

We were contacted by Mr J who had bought a property at auction and got carried away with the bidding. The property was a two bedroomed two up two down in Hale, Cheshire. The client had exchanged contracts at the auction and he was faced with meeting the sale within 28 days.

Upon contact from our client we instructed valuers within 24 hours and we were able to provide the client with 80% funding against the price of £200,000. The facility letter was issued and within 48 hours the client had funds to complete the deal with over twenty three days before his official completion date.